The confused host didn’t get it. She sat there completely stony faced.

We received a tip that this pretty blonde actress was horribly rude and condescending to a journalist during a TV interview.

We read the reports (in a foreign language), watched the taped interview… and saw something completely different!

The interview itself was a one-on-two interview, consisting of a host from a foreign TV outlet, our actress, and another actress with whom our actress recently costarred.

Our blonde actress is famous for starring in a TV series and for doing mainstream films.

The other actress is more famous for indie films, and her comedic timing and her ability to improvise always make her fun to watch.

The film that the two actresses recently did together was directed by a very famous director with a quirky directing style.

Unlike a typically scripted film where actors deliver memorized lines in a sequential and uninterrupted manner, this director likes to give his talent the outline of a scene and then allow them to improvise.

This improvisation naturally lends itself to a lot of casual over-talking and interruption.

Now that you understand that, the interview will make more sense.

Here’s what happened:

The host asked the blonde actress a question about her anatomy (which has changed recently) using a term that celebrities generally don’t like.

Our actress had an admittedly awkward response, and then the two actresses began joking with each other about various parts of their anatomy to diffuse the awkwardness.

The confused host didn’t get it.

She sat there completely stony faced.

The host then asked a question about the film.

Instead of looking at the host and answering the question directly, the two actresses then faced each other and responded as if they were doing a scene in one of the director’s movies, improvising, over-talking, and interrupting each other.

Since we are familiar with this director’s work, we quickly recognized what the actresses were doing, and found it quirky and charming.

Unfortunately, the host did not get it at all!

She was clearly annoyed and confused by the fact that the actresses were not looking at her and giving her the concise and straight-forward answers she was expecting.

She later lambasted the blonde actress as one the worst celebrities she had ever interviewed. Ouch!

So, in case you read a story about how “rude” and “crappy” our actress was in an interview –  and how the interviewer was left “embarrassed” and “angry” – know that the host’s shallow interpretation of events does not necessarily reflect what really happened.

The two actresses behaved just fine… and will hopefully go on to do similar interviews with a more appreciative audience!

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