That is why you will never see a reunion show asshole.

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I was on a primetime TV show for many years.

I think most people under 35 would have been fans of the show although the guy who played our dad is more famous for another role that came after the show ended.

I was sexually abused by many people during my stint on the show including executives and one of the smaller role actors.

The studio all knew about it (in fact the guys who played my brothers were also molested) but bought our silence. I always felt like that even though I was molested, at least I had money.

Well, my parents spent most of it.

And I had to spend what was left to pay for my asshole sibling’s drug rehab and to fix their fucking problems.

All I have to show for it is $8,000 and my family still asks me for money and complains to me about their problems.

I turned to opiates to cope and for a few years, it helped me immensely.

Now I work a normal 9-5 job and the memories of the sexual abuse is eating me up inside.

When I see boys under 12, I think of when I was abused.

I hate when people recognize me and want a picture because I remember all those times when a few men would have me pose nude or in speedos or underwear at their Malibu homes.

I also hate it when people ask me when there will be a reunion show because it’s been 10 years and I want to retort and say “why the fuck would any of us want to do a reunion show when all we have is memories of men sucking our cocks in the dressing room or watching us in the shower or taking us for “special trips” to their homes?”

That is why you will never see a reunion show asshole.

Justin Berfield
Malcolm in the Middle


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