January 7, 2014

He passes her around to his friends

This B-list singer is on the rapid decline, and a recent failed intervention has left her team scrambling for a way to not only save her, but salvage her career. The group assembled to try and intervene and get her away from her toxic boyfriend included this A-list singer, who has remained loyal through all of the bad behavior, and this C-list celebrity, and one-time BFF that went through a similar trial a few years back.
January 4, 2014

Monster coke fest

This A+ list singer/celebrity took it upon herself to watch over this other A list singer/celebrity this past week. Not such a good idea. The A+ lister couldn't handle the constant partying and what turned out to be a monster coke fest and bailed on the "ill" A lister when she invited strangers to their supposedly shared hotel suite. Things are not going to end well for the A lister.
October 19, 2013

She is a mess and something bad will happen if they don’t give her a break soon

This A list celebrity/singer (not Britney Spears) is right on the edge of a breakdown. She is medicating now and needs a break very badly but her record company and the rest of her people are telling her to push through it while giving her other things to help her cope. This is not going to turn out well. She is a mess and something bad will happen if they don't give her a break soon.
October 11, 2013

Going to be in a world of hurt when everyone starts calling her a home wrecker

This former A list tweener is still an A list tweener or at least she still looks like one even though she is well out of the tweener age. Her last boyfriend was also a tweener and she must have wanted something different because she is now sleeping with a married movie producer who is twice her age and has a child the same age as the tweener. She loves the guy but is going to be in a world of hurt when everyone starts calling her a home wrecker.
August 24, 2013

The Seven Celebrity Dwarfs

You probably know by now that there are some nude photos of a young female pop singer that are being shopped around the Internet. We have the photos. Yes, it’s Poppy. Yes, she’s naked. You’ll probably see them soon enough. After you’re done staring at them, you’ll want to hear the interesting backstory about how those naked photos "leaked" onto the Internet. It involves a whole bunch of celebrities and a couple of fame whores. That "leak" was no accident, and three people are going to go down for it. There is a group of young Hollywood celebrities who we’ll call The Seven Celebrity Dwarfs. What the Brat Pack was to the 1980s, the Seven Celebrity Dwarfs are to this generation. They are all good-looking, young performers who have worked together, partied together, and/or dated each other at some point. Let’s meet six of The Seven Celebrity Dwarfs:Poppy is a cute, female pop singer. She’s had some struggles in the last few years, but has still managed to put out some hit songs and land a solid TV gig.