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October 18, 2016

Poor dumb kid thinks that she really loves him.

You are a female celebrity. You are gay. You want a baby. What better way to go about it than by roping in a very naive, young, and rich male celebrity who’s always had a crush on you… and telling him that you are destined to spend your lives together?
September 24, 2016

Stand down, for crying out loud

Fans of this female singer are going crazy over the possibility that she might be pregnant with this one lucky male singer’s baby! Stand down, for crying out loud!
July 15, 2014

If you have ever wondered why his girlfriends come and go, his drinking is one of the big reasons

We recently told you about a floppy-haired singer’s drug use. While Floppy was heavily into coke last year, he has sobered up quite a bit, which is good. We wish that his healthier habits would rub off on his friend Shooter. Shooter is also a singer. He uses cocaine occasionally, has tried acid and ecstasy, pops a pill occasionally, and smokes weed once or twice a week. His biggest problem, though, is his drinking. We’re not just talking about having a couple of beers after work. Shooter is definitely leaning into alcoholic territory here. He has been drinking day and night lately. Shots of hard liquor, beer, mixed drinks.
December 6, 2013

He did something really awful to a girl

This story is going to shock a lot of fans of this singer. It will shock those who thought that he might be gay, and it will shock those who thought he was a nice guy. He did something really awful to a girl. It wasn’t a one-night fan hookup. It was a girl he has known for a long time and who has always treated him well. His band mates and his management team all know about it, and they are all keeping quiet about it. After all, given how out of control some members of this group are behind closed doors, it could have happened to any one of them. Well, except for the gay one/s. More soon.