Maybe they want her athlete boyfriend to show up.
May 11, 2016
She contributed to the failed campaign of this large Governor.
May 11, 2016

Someone we know got matched up with him on the app.

This blonde singer seems to get more attention for the drama in her personal life than for her singing career!

Her current marriage to a handsome actor is looking rocky, and she seems to be in chronic conflict with his reality star ex-wife.

However, if our singer is thinking about hooking up with her previous husband, she may have to break out her cell phone and start swiping, because he’s moved on to dating by app!

Someone we  know got matched up with him on the app.

While we don’t know exactly what his criteria are, the person with whom he was matched is in Southern California… under 35… and female.

The singer’s ex is not trying to hide either.

He is using his real first name and age, and there are lots of photos of him that aren’t on his Instagram.

Some of the photos are professional, some personal (e.g. working out at the gym).

Will she swipe left on her current husband?

Will she swipe right on her ex?

LeAnn Rimes
Current husband: Eddie Cibrian
Ex: Dean Sheremet


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