Someone needs to tell her new beau about her modus operandi

This wealthy guy is probably so dazzled by the beauty and fame of his new celebrity girlfriend that he does not even realize what’s about to happen to him!

Years ago, she started dating a famous actor.

They dated for a long time, but he would not propose. Then she got pregnant. A couple months later they were married.

She learned from that experience that a pregnancy is a great way to get a man to commit to you.

They were only married for a year before she started looking to trade up to to someone wealthier.

It didn’t matter if they were ten years younger or twenty years older, a nice guy or a complete jerk, as long as they were worth at least $100M.

Just a few months after dating one of them, she told him that she was pregnant.

She moved into his house.

She managed to score some pretty lush digs and toys while she was there, although she was never able to procure that big prize: a baby that would anchor her to the gazillionaire for life.

It turns out that there was no baby, she was unable to get pregnant by him, and he never did propose to her.

Not to be deterred, she has moved on to a new target.

Someone needs to tell her new beau about her modus operandi… because we hear that she is ready to pull the same stunt with him.

She wants that anchor baby badly!

Miranda Kerr
Ex-husband: Orlando Bloom
Someone wealthier: James Packer
New target: Billionaire Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel


Do you believe it?

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