She paid the bill for the entire place and for a tip she tripled the amount of the bill.

Over the past few months I have not had much luck in getting hold of an old friend.

I understand why I can’t and hope she gets the help she needs.

When healthy she is one of kinder celebrities I have encountered and back in the day I witnessed a really cool act of kindness performed by her and her then husband.

When this incident happened she was A+ list.

She was in a group but it was all her that made it pop. Her group was touring with another group that still lingers but had its heyday about the same time as our foreign born former A+ lister.

I was there because of the other group and everyone decided to go to lunch.

Both groups together. It was a mutual admiration society.

All told with friends and whatever there were about 25 of us.

No one bothered to call a restaurant we all just showed up.

Seating 25 people was going to be an issue.

All the tables were filled and there was a deadline to get back and no one wanted to get back in the vehicles and find another place to eat.

This was in a strip mall and one of the stores was a True Value or Ace Hardware.

Our singer walked over and saw they had picnic tables for sale so she bought all they had and then some traffic cones and rope and blocked off part of the parking lot and set up the tables.

She then went back to the restaurant and told them her plan and they agreed to deliver the food.

It was a Mexican place and they just served a bunch of different fillings with tortillas and brought out chips and salsa.

Basically it became one big buffet.

Our singer felt bad for the patrons inside because their lunches had been disrupted so she bought all of them lunch and gave them all tickets and backstage passes to the show and boozed them up like crazy that night.

She went to all the owners and employees of the stores in the strip mall and invited them all to eat for free at the buffet and did the same thing with tickets and passes.

She paid the bill for the entire place and for a tip she tripled the amount of the bill.

It was just something I will never forget.

All of these people who were gathered together almost instantly and all together eating lunch out on picnic tables in the middle of a parking lot.

Dolores Oriordan
Group: The Cranberries
Other group: The Band


Do you believe it?

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