She liked guys with longer hair. Skinny builds. They were her projects.

There was a time, back in the day when this married multiple Academy Award winner/nominee who is also a multiple Emmy Award winner/nominee was well known to college students in the town where she lives.

Specifically, male college students.

More specifically, male college students who were also musicians.

Our actress, who still works all the time today, would cruise through the bars, watching bands perform.

She was not into hard rock or metal bands. More of an acoustic lover this one.

She was kind of like Annie Savoy in Bull Durham.

Finding one or two students a year she could mentor.

By mentor, I mean give them some food money or take them out to dinner a couple of times a week before they could repay her with a few hours of sex.

You had to have talent or at least what she perceived to be talent.

A certain look was also good.

She liked guys with longer hair.

Skinny builds.

They were her projects.

They were never allowed to call her.

She did all the calling.

Telling them where to be and when.

If you crossed any of her extensive rules you were gone.

Often, when she had to make a movie, she wouldn’t even say goodbye and chances were good when she came back she would just move on to the next person after finding one on location wherever she was filming.

I would say this went on for a good decade before she finally just kind of settled back into a comfortable groove with her husband.

Once a year or so, a group of about ten guys who all know they were part of this group of guys gets together in her favorite bar and tell stories about their time with the actress.

She is beloved by them.

Meryl Streep


Do you believe it?

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