She is using OxyContin every few hours

I’m shocked that this former kindness B list actress is even able to function with all the pills she pops.

The actress is filming a new show after a big network miss and according to reports is doing great, but she is using OxyContin every few hours.

Actress: Krysten Ritter
Filming: Jessica Jones

Former Kindness:
“This B list actress has been mostly television.

A huge monster hit cable show and a bomb of a network show in which she was the lead.

Another day and another chance at her own show. She is going out of her way to be nice to fans.

For the past few days she has been inviting fans she sees around the set to come take a look and shows them her trailer and basically is a tour guide while she poses for photos and signs autographs and records voice mail greetings.

She has probably done this for about 50 fans the past few days. Really nice move on her part. – Krysten Ritter


Do you believe it?

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