She is out there in the middle of the night passing out blankets and kits.

Not terribly long, but with all the child molesting and breakups, I figured a little kindness blind would be the way to go here. I remember the first time I met this actress.

I don’t know her, but have met her a couple of times.

The first time we were at a bookstore. It doesn’t exist any longer.

It was over at Sunset And Vine and I was just cutting through the store from the parking garage.

I spotted her because I had just been watching her show the night before.

It was a hit network show that just crashed and burned when everyone thought they were bigger than the show. Not the adult actors, but the teens and young adults in it.

Anyway, she was looking at Starting A Restaurant For Dummies or something like that and I asked something stupid like, “So, are you opening one?”

She said she was thinking about it. She never did, but she was not opening it to make a profit.

Her goal was to spend some of her money and raise other money and open a soup kitchen that looked like a restaurant.

She wanted people to be able to sit down and select rather than just wait in line and then go wander to a table.

It is still her goal, but the B list mostly television actress who is out of work right now has worked almost 40 hours a week since her show last aired volunteering in soup kitchens and feeding the homeless.

She is out there in the middle of the night passing out blankets and kits.

She goes above and beyond even though she could just write a check or stay home with her child.

Kelly Rowan


Do you believe it?

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