She got married because she loved the idea of securing an instant family!

Before her husband, this famous actress had dated some of the most eligible men in the world.

So we wondered why she would get married after dating this guy for such a short period of time.

Did she really think that this was the perfect man for her?

Was she desperate to tie the knot?

Was she pregnant?

Did she feel her clock ticking? Did she think that this was her last chance at love? We finally found out. She got married because she loved the idea of securing an instant family!

She was good friends with her fiance’s sister-in-law, and the friend was the one who actually pushed everyone into the fast marriage.

“We’ll be like sisters!” Since her real sister/s does not live close by, our actress was enamored with the idea of marrying into a fun, close-knit family that included her friend.

However, once she got there… everything changed.

She discovered that her friend was on the brink of divorce.

Now that divorce is wreaking havoc on two marriages, because our actress feels like she is in the middle of an untenable situation.

The pressure on [actress] is just too much!

She is being asked to choose sides.

She doesn’t want to be disloyal to [her husband] and his family, but she also doesn’t want to dump [her friend] either.

She and [her husband] have been fighting non-stop about this for the past two months.

It’s so bad that now BOTH marriages are in trouble!

Cameron Diaz, husband Benji Madden
Her Sister-in-Law: Nicole Richie, husband: Joel Madden


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