It’ll either be an unmitigated disaster or it’ll win every Oscar it can.
October 16, 2015
He almost didn’t go to the premiere of his biggest movie because one of his co-stars was not invited
October 17, 2015

She gets annoyed when people describe her as X.

This actress has starred in more than one successful TV series.

She has this quirk about her. Although she got her first and her second big jobs because she is a member of a minority group… she now tries to distance herself from that group whenever possible!

“[Actress] has a certain self-loathing about her background.

She gets annoyed when people describe her as X.

Her [Significant Other] is X, but other than that, she doesn’t want to to hire them and she doesn’t have many X friends herself.

She thinks that it makes her seem more upper class.

Whenever I talk about someone she doesn’t know, the first thing she asks me is “Are they X?” like she is getting ready to be dismissive of them if they are X. It’s just weird”

Ex: AzMarie Livingston


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