She creates drama and makes money by lying.

She is not an actress.

She is not a famous musician.

She does not have a reality show.

Yet this famous woman certainly knows how to create drama!

She has parlayed her marriage to a famous musician and her willingness to create drama into lucrative gigs of her own.

She creates drama and makes money by lying.

She lied when she claimed that she lost a large amount of weight by dieting when she really had surgery to lose the weight.

She lied and said that she had a different, unrelated surgery when she never actually had the surgery.

She lied about filing for divorce when she really had no such intention.

She’s annoyed right now because she thought that her latest round of manufactured drama would result in a pay raise for her other gigs.

She judged incorrectly.

Instead, a younger coworker just got her pay bumped above that of our drama queen. Uh oh.

So now MORE drama is needed to put the attention back on Queenie!

Divorce, health, pregnancy, plastic surgery, affairs, house problems, legal problems, addiction – or any of the above in relation to a relative – will suffice.

We can’t wait to hear about the newest drama and see if it is followed by an announcement about a subsequent pay bump for one of her current gigs… or some sort of new project to make money off of the drama!

Sharon Osborne