She basically spent her entire waking time destroying the person she ended up replacing.

You would think that the title of biggest pain in reality television would probably go to a Kardashian.


Not even close.

As much as I dislike them personally, they generally show up on time and are always ready to work.

No big demands either.

Some of the Real Housewives are huge divas but for the most part they need the show more than the show needs them so they don’t try and cross the line.

Even NeNe. The biggest pain in all of reality television is this A lister.

You pretty much have to be A list to cause this kind of pain and turmoil.

If you were anything less, you would get fired and replaced.

It all started when she got her job.

She basically spent her entire waking time destroying the person she ended up replacing.

Whispered in ears, whether at an event or in bed.

She got her boyfriend at the time to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars so she could throw parties and dinners for the executives of the show and network.

The next thing you know, the original host was gone and this celebrity who essentially came out of nowhere landed the job.

From day one she insisted she be paid the most of anyone on the show.

Not just the most, but double what anyone else was making.

This coming from a person who had never made more than scale before.

When she was nominated for an Emmy and didn’t win she accused the network of not spending enough money on promoting her campaign.

She went into rages because she didn’t have billboards and full page ads in the trade publications touting her.

Despite the nature of the program she insists on working as little as possible.

Often people are waiting for her for hours.

They can’t proceed without her and are held hostage basically until she decides to show up or deems herself camera ready.

When her work is done she does not talk to anyone on the show.

She treats the crew like crap.

She treats the people appearing on the show like crap.

The only time she is ever nice to anyone is if there is some celebrity on the show who is higher in status than her.

The thing is, everyone is scared to fire her.

They keep hoping she will get another job and quit.

There are some on the show who want it to take a hiatus for a season or two so she will move on and they can bring it back without her.

Padma Lakshmi – Top Chef
Person she replaced: Katie Lee (was married to Billy Joel)
Boyfriend: Ted Forstmann
Ex – Husband: Salman Rushdie (2004 – 2007)


Do you believe it?

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