She also told the gate agent that she was sad and pathetic and fuck this and fuck that.

This medal-winning Olympic athlete should be on top of the world right now.

Unfortunately, a recent airport scuffle shows that he is going home with one really nasty woman!

The couple was at the airport, but missed the boarding call for first class.

The gate agent began admitting the next group of people.

The couple cut to the front of the line and demanded to be boarded.

The gate agent told them that first class had already boarded and that they would need to step aside and wait until this group had moved through.

Well, that was unacceptable to the athlete’s partner, and she proceeded to launch a string of insults at the gate agent.

[The Athlete] just stood there, but the woman started yelling at the gate agent.

She called the gate agent a disrespectful bitch and kept saying “We’re first class passengers!

You are disrespecting us and discriminating against us!”

She also told the gate agent that she was “sad and pathetic” and fuck this and fuck that.

Really foul-mouthed.

The gate agent didn’t yell back.

She just called the supervisor to deal with them and eventually they got on the plane, but not without a scene.

What a lovely person.

If we were the athlete, we would get away from her as fast as possible!

Usain Bolt


Do you believe it?

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