August 22, 2013

She was covered from neck to toes in hot wax

Let me start out by saying this will be revealed. It is just too good to not reveal. This actress is A+ list. Mostly movies. She likes to think of herself as cultured and someone who wishes to be thought of as more than just an actress. Our actress travels a lot. She often travels without her significant other. She always travels without him when she is working on one of her favorite side projects. This is the one she thinks will make her beloved around the world. The reason she always travels alone for this particular side project is a man she met. He is an artist. He is much older than our actress. 20-25 years older than she is, and an intense man.
August 21, 2013

He is an angry angry drunk

This A list mostly movie actor, who would love to win an Academy Award after years and years of comedies before getting serious and quirky was wasted on the set of his new movie the other day and was a disaster. He was yelling and swearing at everyone who crossed him and he threw his drinks and coffee at others and refused to come out of his trailer and sat in there in his underwear all day drinking from a bottle of booze. He is an angry angry drunk.
August 21, 2013

She will quit if they attempt to make her a lesbian

This B- list mostly television actress has pretty much stayed in that position for her entire career. Sometimes she moves up slightly, but she has always been consistent and has been on one television show after the other. Some hits and some misses. She told producers she would walk off the set of her current show and quit if they attempted to make her a lesbian.
August 21, 2013

People are keeping him from his A list celebrity money making relative

This D list celebrity has a money making opportunity and feels like it slipping out of his hands because people are keeping him from his A list celebrity money making relative.
August 21, 2013

He does like them to be older than his youngest kid

This forever and ever A+ list mostly movie actor sent back two escorts to an agency he is using in NYC this summer because the escorts told him they were older then 29. That is a huge no no to our aging actor. The LA agencies know much better than that.
August 21, 2013

She is up to a large C

Last year I told you about this former almost A list mostly movie actress who once starred in a huge franchise. She had got herself some breast implants because she hated the way she looked topless in a movie. Well, she loved her new breasts so much that she has now gone up another size.
August 21, 2013

She seemed satisfied with his answer

This B list mostly movie actor who is in some trouble lately was out shopping the other day when he ran into some women. He decided to hit on them and one of the three women seemed to take an interest in our actor. At one point she asked him whether he would ever hit her. He replied that he would only if she got out of line.
August 21, 2013

She is open for something long term

This former B list mostly movie actress was all set to take a break from the hooker circuit this summer because there just was not enough time to land a big fish. They get taken in May when Cannes hits and by this time, your only hope is if they have dumped someone.