August 29, 2013

He should do that while facing his back to the table

This A+ list mostly movie actress went ballistic yesterday at a restaurant during lunch when she thought she saw a waiter looking down her unbuttoned shirt. To be fair, she did have two of the very bottom buttons fastened, but the top six or so had slowly been unbuttoned as she had a few drinks. The actress jumped up and started yelling at the guy who said all he was doing was reaching down to pick up the empty glasses.
August 29, 2013

That HGH/steroids combo he is taking right now…

This A list is everything, except for movies. He has been in them, but mostly in cameos. Anyway, he has always dabbled in drugs and has been busted and exposed in this spot at least once in a reveal and more than once in blinds. That HGH/steroids combo he is taking right now though is worse than anything he has done before. That smack he gave his B list celebrity girlfriend last week was because he blamed her for his impotence problems.
August 29, 2013

The person who allegedly did this has made people disappear before

This B list celebrity who flirted with A list celebrity status there for awhile and hopes her new show will put her back there told a friend of hers that she was sexually assaulted two weeks ago and was threatened with death of she told anyone. Of course she told her friend who has not been shy about telling the story. Apparently there is some truth to the possible death threat.
August 28, 2013

Our blind item is left still looking for love

She’s a 41-year-old bisexual actress — once was known for using a strapped-on dildo, during her lesbian relationship with Regina Hall. We’re told, that while she took part in threesome smash session with Regina Hall and Omar Epps — before reportedly dumping the pair to get with a "coke-sniffing" Denzel Washington. Sources say that’s when our blind item believed the "Two Guns" leading man was going to dump his wife of 30-years, Pauletta, for her.
August 27, 2013

You heard what she said. Go get the women.

This A list celebrity/singer spent one of the nights this weekend glued to side of her B list celebrity husband. He kept trying to get her to go home and she refused. At one point they started screaming at each other because she wanted to know why he wanted her to go home so much. She finally stormed out of the club they were at and told him he could fuck whoever he wanted because she was out of there. He then turned to his friend and said, "You heard what she said. Go get the women."
August 27, 2013

Two interesting stories about one very moody celebrity

We have two interesting stories about one very moody celebrity who was in attendance at the Video Music Awards last night. First, Moody showed little emotion whenever the cameras were on her… but she was dishing out some choice tidbits of nastiess when they weren’t! Her comments were directed specifically toward one young female Singer. While the Singer was on stage picking up an award, Moody was doing all kind of grousing.
August 27, 2013

Knocked her girlfriend down a huge flight of stairs

This 75% out of the closet B list celebrity/mostly movie actress got into a huge fight with her girlfriend last week. They were fighting because our actress/celebrity was cheating and got caught. Our actress/celebrity knocked her girlfriend down a huge flight of stairs and the girlfriend lost a tooth and suffered a concussion as a result. That might also explain the $50K watch our actress/celebrity said was for a gift two days after. To who though?
August 27, 2013

When people love spreading gay rumors about you

When you are an A+ list reality star and celebrity and everything else and people love spreading gay rumors about you, the last thing you probably need to be doing is having one of the most expensive, well known gay escorts sitting in the back of your town car waiting for you when you emerged from dinner this weekend.