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January 18, 2014

It isn’t like anything is going to happen to him

There are two other women set to come forward to tell their stores of how this C list reality star/actor also cheated with them. Apparently he was communicating with one of them within the past few days.
January 17, 2014

The agency she uses says two people quit before lunch

This D list celebrity who would be a nobody on no list if not married to this A list actor, has gone through multiple nannies and maids over the past few months and is apparently a tyrant who screams much more often than she talks. The agency she uses says two people quit before lunch on their first day and multiple people have not gone back after the first day.
January 17, 2014

Such a set up job

This B list actor from a former franchise who gets by on looks alone was hitting on a waiter pretty hard at an event a couple of nights ago. He then looked at the waiter's fingernails and told the waiter he would have to cut the nails because he doesn't like guys to dig their nails into his shoulders when they are having sex. So, does this mean our actor prefers to be on the receiving side of things? When he finally comes out, we should ask him. Or all the women he has been "dating" the past few weeks. Such a set up job.
January 17, 2014

He wants a baby and she wants to make him happy

This still married B list actress on a cable show has been trying to get pregnant with her co-star. He wants a baby and she wants to make him happy.
January 17, 2014

The thing is the guy is a billionaire but wanted to see how she reacted

This C list celebrity who comes from a higher list celebrity family says she has a boyfriend. What she has is a guy who takes her out when he needs some respected arm candy otherwise he likes people from a lower rent district. Our celebrity who likes to pretend she has a fashion career was hitting on another man she thought was wealthy. When she found out he teaches college she practically jumped away and moved on. The thing is the guy is a billionaire but wanted to see how she reacted.
January 17, 2014

Accepting a very large envelope stuffed with cash

Yes, that was a B list celebrity with a style all her own and a unique look that keeps her very high on the list accepting a very large envelope stuffed with cash as she hugged and kissed the man who handed it to her before they sat down for drinks and dinner and she fawned all over him like he had just paid for her services. Considering she traveled half way across the country just to meet the guy, I think that is fair to say. I wonder what she told her very very very jealous boyfriend/lap dog.
January 17, 2014

Are they both mentally ill??

Employees of a certain magazine are still buzzing about a bizarre photo shoot they did with this minor celebrity. We’ll let one of them tell the story: "Craziest fucking [photo] shoot ever! We’ve shot hundreds of pregnant women, and this one was supposed to be a pregnant celebrity mom keeping fit… except we knew that [she] WASN’T PREGNANT!!! However the whole crew we were warned not to say anything and to pretend like everything was normal! WTF?! There were lots of moms on the set and we are all usually real hands on with wardrobe and positioning etc. but on this one we were told to back the fuck off.
January 17, 2014

On their latest ‘family’ getaway, she only saw him twice

This C-list singer has had a low profile recently which is generating buzz that her new team has finally gotten her to agree to rehab. Nope. She's going to 'therapy' a couple of hours a day to shut everyone up and make it look like she's trying to be healthy, but she's back in her place of being an obsessive wingnut fueled by stimulants and booze. Her most recent record deal fell completely through the floor, and it was really her only shot at signing anything on a major label, even if it was mostly overseas. The biggest part of the problem with the deal was that they wanted her to cut her Svengali/chief enabler loose and work with some of the writers and producers she's had success with in the past, and she flat out refused.