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January 19, 2014

How does he find the time to date so many?

When the closeted gay man doesn't have a movie to promote we see the B- list mostly movie actor with a "girlfriend" once every few months just to remind us he is virile and straight. The rest of the time it is solo photos of him working out. With a movie to be promoted though it seems like every tabloid just is jumping on the he is such a ladies man and is dating so many women. How does he find the time to date so many? It is one thing for someone to not come out. That is a personal decision but the tabloids just jump on board because they want stories and interviews with the other clients of the publicist.
January 18, 2014

Apparently mentoring meant getting their ideas and then taking them for her own

This B list mostly television actress from a very hot show who is also a writer is in negotiations to pay off some other writers who say she stole their work after mentoring them. Apparently mentoring meant getting their ideas and then taking them for her own.
January 18, 2014

She had her breasts in full view

This former A+ list mostly movie actress who still has A+ list name recognition but is down to a B lister acting wise was at a party two nights ago and had her breasts in full view. She was stopped several times by people to point it out but she just let it be for a good twenty minutes.
January 18, 2014

She did flash a guy at the party

Golden Globes: This A list mostly television actress got hammered at the party much to the chagrin of her significant other who didn't know anyone at the event. The actress began the night fairly cozy with her guy but by the end of the night was telling him to stop acting like a baby and grow a pair and the party they attended after was a disaster. They didn't speak and he kept saying they should go home and she kept trying to have fun with her friends. She did flash a guy at the party who screamed she had nice tits.
January 18, 2014

She charges $50K a night

This model/singer/reality star/everything is foreign born. She says she makes millions from her endeavors but the way she makes money is by selling herself. She does a very good job. Despite her being older than most of her competition, our model who is always in gossip tabloids wearing bikinis made conservatively $500K since Christmas by spending time with men. She charges $50K a night. She probably feels cheated that she was married so long and couldn't charge her husband.
January 18, 2014

He feels he’s got the fame and the funds to date white girls

The last person this rappin’ thug gets any of his motivation from would be his baby momma. Know why? We’re told dude’s not only ‘ashamed of her looks,’ he doesn’t want the public to know she’s ‘got five other kids from different men.’ Aside from the father-son beef she sparked after reportedly turning their son on him … she’s said to be relentless in keeping dude on his toes.
January 18, 2014

The director was both shocked and pleased by her generosity

This woman is a very famous but not necessarily well-loved celebrity. However, we have an interesting story about her that may change the way you think about her.She was doing a smaller film a few years ago. It was one of those indie pics with a tight budget. Well, at one point, they went over budget and the director shut down production early for the day. Our actress was confused by this and asked the director why they couldn’t keep rolling. She thought that things were going well, she was enjoying herself, and she didn’t want to stop filming. The director confided in her that they were nearly $100,000 short and there was no way he could afford to keep paying everyone on set.
January 18, 2014

Girl should consider herself lucky if she gets invited to an after party

This reality star clearly has a very high opinion of herself. She actually had her publicist contact the Golden Globes, extolling her virtues and accomplishments, and begging for two tickets for this Sunday’s awards ceremony. The Golden Globes? Really? Does she actually think that she belongs in a room having dinner with Chiwetel Ejiofor, clinking glasses with Sandra Bullock, and making small talk with Judi Dench? The Golden Globes may be Oscar’s drunk cousin, but come on! Girl should consider herself lucky if she gets invited to an after party!