Our TV guy is a fuck up, but he is not in Charlie Sheen territory yet.

This TV star is a fuck up.

His recent debacle caused them to shut down production.

So, are they going to replace him?

They talked about it, and the decision is: No. They are NOT going to replace him!

They scrambled to replace him for ONE DAY and couldn’t find someone.

To find a long-term replacement would likely take MONTHS of searching and negotiation.

A big issue is that any replacement worth having (in their opinion) is already locked in to other contractual commitments that would prevent them from taking this gig. We’ve told you before that other shows that needed to replace their host went through a ton of candidates before they found a less-than-optimal replacement.

This show is too big and too important to settle for anyone who can not guarantee them keeping their #1 position.

The other big issue is that he has a contract.

They can’t fire someone for cheating on his wife or for being a jerk or for being an addict.

They CAN fire him if his outside behavior causes a significant disruption to production… but this is the first time he ever missed work and production was only shut down for one day!

There was another incident last year (we’ll tell you about that another time), but he didn’t miss work because of it.

Remember the whole Charlie Sheen incident?

It took MONTHS to fire him, and the main reason they were finally able to do so was because his personal behavior impacted production.

They couldn’t fire him over crazy talk.

They could fire him once he had publicly admitted to doing cocaine and had established a pattern of coming late to rehearsals, forgetting his lines, and failing to hit his marks.

Our TV guy is a fuck up, but he is not in Charlie Sheen territory yet.

All the producers can do is to read him the riot act and tell him that this is his “first strike” and that he had better not screw up production again.

He is not being fired. He is not being replaced. He is simply being warned.

Jimmy Fallon

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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