He showed up, but smelling of booze and cigarettes and also had lipstick on his neck.
May 5, 2016
Celebrities are refusing to do her show because they don’t want to be seen as supporters of her format
May 5, 2016

Old Hollywood through today is littered with rumors and stories about the gay mafia.

Old Hollywood through today is littered with rumors and stories about the gay mafia.

Back in the day, when coming out was a complete end to your movie or television career, it was a form of protection for those in the industry were gay.

That protection aspect is what led to the moniker of mafia.

Unlike the mafia there was nothing illegal or untoward about it, it really was protection.

It was a situation of you are our friend and we love you so let’s keep you working and make the world think you are heterosexual.

We will keep the press from reporting anything about you that would hurt you and will make sure the studios keep you steadily working.

At some point in the history of Hollywood it started to become more sinister.

The self-appointed leader of it started acting more like a Don (FC) rather than a friend.

If you wanted protection and to work you had to bow down to him and kiss the ring so to speak.

If he wanted you to do a project, you had to do it.

If you crossed this Don in anyway, he would do his best to make sure you never worked. He had/has that kind of power.

His power is slipping though.

Back in the day there was an alternative to the Don.

A different power broker (SE) who had just as much money, but believed in the old school way of helpful protection rather than trying to make a buck off the protection.

His specialty was finding people just starting out.

He wanted to instill in them the old values he had grown up with in a homophobic industry.

He wanted all of them to help each other.

Hollywood is all about relationships, maybe more so than any other town/industry.

I could list a bunch of them, but I will give you an example of one.

Look at someone like Judd Apatow.

He had a mentor in Garry Shandling.

When Judd first came to Hollywood he found other writers and actors that he enjoyed working with who were of a similar age and style.

As he moved from one project to the next in those early years, he would find one or two new people to bring along for the next project which was already staffed with other people in his network he met along the way.

At some point in time, the group was established and there was less room for new people.

But, as people under him became more successful, they started their own projects and would bring some new people and others from the old group.

The Judd Apatow tree with lots of branches.

So, going back to our two gay mafia leaders.

They were the base of the tree.

The kind one groomed this person (KU) to be his successor.

KU has become wildly successful and he has his projects everywhere.

He is a mogul, much like his benefactor.

In front of the camera and behind the camera.

The same as his benefactor.

Side projects outside the industry and projects that will keep bringing in money no matter what.

He is a master of the helpful protection game.

He is trying to do the same things he was taught that he thinks will help another generation of performers.

Fighting him every step of the way is The Don and his chosen replacement (MX).

They believe that help should be given only when something is there for them in return.

They also believe in the casting couch.

If you want to get in a project or get ahead, you are going to have to sleep your way to the top.

If you stop doing what they say or stop having sex with them, they will cast you aside.

They will make it impossible to find work in the town and if you try to cross them in any way, they will bring you down, often with violence.

Why would anyone subject themselves to that?

Because it is the quicker route to fame.

The other way requires years of working and moving up the ladder.

You have to do the work.

The helpful mentors steer you in the right direction or find you projects, but you have to prove yourself.

Caught in the middle of these factions is someone (TW) who got his start in the sex for play group.

He was their boy toy for a long time and he got work.

Big work.

Then, all of a sudden, he was gone off the radar.

He went from a franchise to starring in his own movies as the lead.

Then, nothing.

He started to rebel and he was done.

He had made enough of a name for himself that he can work a little, but no big projects.

Enter the savior.

At a party about 18 months ago, KU ran into TW and they started talking. A lot.

The party turned into an all night session and lots of days and nights over the next few weeks.

A bond was formed.

KU has enough projects and clout on his side of the aisle so to speak to keep TW working.

He also sees someone in TW like himself.

A different kind of self who is more interested in being in front of the camera than behind, but also someone who wants to do more than just act.

KU believes that TW can be the next KU and also fall in the footsteps of SE which, even though SE is dead still has a lasting impact in Hollywood.

SE’s estate makes more money than most A list actors working today.

FC: David Geffen – Cher’s friend
MX: Byran Singer – X-Men
SE: Merv Griffin – Singer-Entertainer
KU: Ryan Seacrest – Keeping Up With the Kardashians
TW: Taylor Lautner – Twilight

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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