Maybe it is not mind blowing for her, but lets just say it is

What started out as just a thought mentioned in passing has turned into a full on fling.

This actor is foreign born.

Probably B+ list right now.

He has had a great last 18 months or so and next year will probably be A list and have a franchise.

A franchise that has been reincarnated literally a bazillion times. Anyway, last year he was doing press for a movie that premiered this year.

He ran into this permanent A+ list mostly movie actress.

If you have that many wins/nominations, you are permanent A+ list.


When they were introduced, our actress said she knew who the actor was and that she heard the actor had been talking about her.

Crushing on her actually.

One thing led to another and throughout this year they have managed to connect a handful of times and apparently it is mind blowing for both of them.

Well, coming from his side.

So, maybe it is not mind blowing for her, but lets just say it is.

Idris Elba
Meryl Streep


Do you believe it?

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