Lots of flaws with this guy. The charming smile covers a lot of deep hurtful things he has done.

This B+ list mostly television actor has had a renaissance (btw the best part of my day was spelling that last word correctly without spell check) over the past year.

His career went from pleasant has been to in demand.

Everyone always had a soft spot for the guy and overlooked many of his flaws.

Lots of flaws with this guy.

The charming smile covers a lot of deep hurtful things he has done.

Even though many of those are long past, there was a huge issue that happened about 18 months ago.

Our actor was on a days long bender. Drugs and booze.

Oh, and don’t believe the hype that our actor is clean now.


Anyway, our actor likes nothing more than using his charm on teens.

The ones that grew up watching his show.

They are his demo.

Always has been.

If he could catch them on their 18th birthday at one minute past midnight, that would be his ideal.

He is always careful about age checks.

The thing is though, this bender seriously affected his judgment.

Oh, sure he asked how old she was and she told him 18.

The thing is though she was 16.


This one isn’t even close.

Remarkably the whole thing hasn’t gone to the police.

Her family discovered the whole thing when looking through her phone.

They called the actor’s phone.

They explained the situation.

Our actor put them in touch with his business manager who was going to cut a check.

The actor’s attorney though started playing hardball and now what was going to be a simple check writing thing might end up with our actor in jail.

The lawyer started threatening the family to try and get a better deal.

All it did was make the family angry.

There is no doubt the actor would go to jail.

There is all kinds of proof.

Now he is trying to scramble and make nice and the check will probably have to be double what it was before.

John Stamos

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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