Let’s hope this new pawn is up to the task.

This perennial contract holdout has planted all sorts of benevolent reasons and ridiculous excuses about why she is unsure if she wants to do another season.

She acts as though her other enterprises are not bleeding money and the show is not her biggest Band-Aid.

The real reason she was hold had nothing to do with what was reported.

She was in heavy negotiations for the right to choose a new cast mate to be her BFF and shield her from the other ladies who tend to come at her from all sides.

When it comes to negotiating her contract she always asks for something.

Then there is always a big leak about what she got out of the contract.

But it’s never what you think.

Funny how that happens.

Let’s hope this new pawn is up to the task.

Lisa Vanderpump

Source: http://tamaratattles.com

Do you believe it?

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