It’s tragic for those young ladies now, but…Truth. Will. Out. Always.

This will hardly be a blind to those who've been here for years. But when you've known the truth all this time, and are no longer bound by the promises you made due to their impending exposure and someone's approval?


Truth. Will. Out – A Himmmm Blind

This will hardly be a blind to those who’ve been here for years.

But when you’ve known the truth all this time, and are no longer bound by the promises you made due to their impending exposure and someone’s approval? You can start to tell others.

It’s not the crime that gets you.

It’s the cover up.

The night this actress (long time A lister) and her hubby (probably permanent A- lister just because of his television and movie history and name) got together with this other actor (permanent A- list mostly movie actor) was the epitome of tragic.

Too much booze, too much drugs, too much bottled-up hostility.

She was drunk and angry.

She mocked him and threatened to cuckold him, including about something she caught him doing years before which caused their split.

That alone would’ve destroyed his career and life.

The fight was epic.

The guest really did leave for bed, though he heard it all happen.

As did the worker on board.

The hubby was so drunk and angry, he really didn’t remember it all.

But according to his memories, and those of the long-silent guest, this is what happened:

Just the two of them, yelling and shoving.

She retreated indoors, he went after her.

When she got back outside, she demanded to be taken home – already had her coat on.

She said she would call her lawyer and he can stay behind.

Since the house and money were hers, she’d get the kids too.

She had it with him, his cheating, and his drinking and pouting.

He wasn’t going to let her go at all.

He actually reached to grab her when she pulled away, slipped and fell.

He could’ve saved her right there.

That would’ve been easy and could’ve just been a spat.

But he mocked her.

She screamed, yelled, begged for help.

He taunted her.

The guest came to see what was happening and tried to help.

The hubby told him she was just playing hysterics for attention – she could save herself he said.

He escorted the guest back inside forcibly.

She continued out there, cold, screaming – for several minutes.

The worker had been yelling to her he’d help her.

He banged on the hubby’s door.

He was told to go to bed and mind his damn business.

The three men argued.

Then they realized – she wasn’t screaming anymore.

Hubby panicked, and they all went out to try and find her.

She’d given up and was already gone.

They said it happened so fast.

Maybe in drunk time, but in reality?

It was over 20 minutes.

These three drunk men, very drunk and high.

Nothing they did worked.

The guest demanded to call for help or be taken home.

The hubby threatened him, said he was part of it too.

The hubby sat outside for hours, drinking heavily, crying.

The scared, weak and stoned worker finally took him inside when he passed out.

When they awoke, they knew how deep of shit they were in.

They tried to get their story straight.

If one went down – they all would.

The first call they placed was to wake up a legendary Hollywood attorney/fixer.

He in turn called (permanent A+ list singer) who really was a friend to the actress.

The hubby confessed all to him.

It was the booze, the anger – he never thought she was in that much danger.

He pleaded for mercy.

That legendary singer/actor was angry, but he understood how it could happen.

The cover-up began instantly.

There were tons of leaks in their story.

But anytime a discrepancy popped up?

The powers that be were reminded they were elected officials and stop digging because it won’t bring her back.

You have no idea how powerful (the A+ list singer) and his legal and illegal pals were in those days.

They even had the White House, not to mention City Hall.

No local yokels were gonna make waves.

Besides, the hubby was so destroyed.

And he really was.

He tried suicide many times.

He confessed to her daughters, which nearly destroyed one of them.

But they too realized that all this time later would not bring her back.

But people knew the truth.

They spoke.

On the record.

Even with varying degrees of murder or manslaughter, it’s the cover up that’ll get you.

So no matter the final outcome of the case, even all this time, he doesn’t have long to live naturally.

But that cover up?

A lot of them are still around.

That one long-silent guest?

Not so silent.

He too is up in age and cleared his conscience.

Thing is – he did it in 1985. Yep.

It’s been on record since then.

Way past time for this to come out.

It’s tragic for those young ladies now, but…Truth. Will. Out. Always.

Natalie Wood

Husband: Robert Wagner

Guest: Christopher Walken

Boat captain: Dennis Davern

Permanent A+ list singer: Frank Sinatra

Daughters: Natasha Gregson Wagner, Katie Wagner