It all backfired when the movie tanked.

This shy A-list actress is no longer on talking terms with this other outgoing A-list actress.

They recently worked on a movie together and not only did the outgoing A-list actress try and have scenes/lines cut from our shy A-list actress, but she also had her PR team spread nasty rumours about her. ‘[Bitchy Actress] was campaigning for an Oscar,’ says my source.

‘She thought that by putting rumors of nastiness on [name omitted] people would forget the countless times she’d been caught treating people like garbage.’

It all backfired when the movie tanked.

Something that our outgoing A-list actress has, of course, tried to blame on our shy A-list actress.

Our shy A-list actress has ignored it all, of course.

She just puts on a smile, continues on working and ignores the outgoing A-list actress whenever she sees her.

Shy: Nicole Kidman
Outgoing: Julia Roberts
Movie: Secret in Their Eyes


Do you believe it?

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