They are there to spot in advance any issues which might reflect poorly on the singer.
May 13, 2016
If she tried this hard with actual acting, she could probably resuscitate her career.
May 13, 2016

Instead of blaming Actor… she is blaming The Bang

This is getting ugly!

This popular actor has a celebrity girlfriend who is a famous singer.

He is also banging another celebrity.

Uh oh!

Girlfriend knows Actor is cheating.

She’s not dumb.

However, instead of blaming Actor… she’s blaming The Bang!

Girlfriend fired off some blistering text messages to The Bang a couple of days ago.

They contained a warning:

Keep your paws off!

The Bang’s response?

She asked Actor to meet up with her for some late-night canoodling!

We don’t know if she’s truly in love or fearless or dumb (or maybe a little of all three).

If these two women go to war publicly instead of privately, it’s going to get ugly.

They each have a huge presence on social media… and The Bang has lots of girlfriends who could jump into the fray to help her defeat the Girlfriend.

Orlando Bloom
Girlfriend: Katy Perry
The Bang: Selena Gomez


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