Deep down inside it is a game show.
May 5, 2016
He showed up, but smelling of booze and cigarettes and also had lipstick on his neck.
May 5, 2016

I’m trying to think of a more racist actor from back in the day and I can’t think of any.

Back in the day this actor was A+ list.

Heck, he has been dead for decades and he is probably still A+ list.

An Academy Award winner/nominee but only when a lot of the people who hated him had already died.

I’m trying to think of a more racist actor from back in the day and I can’t think of any.

The guy made a ton of movies.

Well over 200.

That is a lot.

Most of his movies had a lots of extras.

Our actor was always a huge supporter of white power movements and anything that would keep African American people down.

He directly funded a lot of these efforts, but managed to get the studios to also give them money.


He would hire a lot of these white power people to be extras so they could pay their bills and locations would be places that were owned by these movements.

They were usually out in the middle of nowhere and the studio would pay a fee to use the places. Plus, little pop up type stores would show up all run by the organizations and all charging huge markups.

The cast and crew were stuck out there and forced to either drive a long way or buy these items.

The fact that this guy is considered a hero drives me nuts.

People love this guy and think he was the greatest.

He was a racist a-hole and basically kept these hate groups funded for three decades practically all by himself.

Apparently the studios turned a blind eye because the movies made money.

No one would stand up to him.

They did subtle things when they could which is why the whole Oscar thing happened so late in life.

John Wayne


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