His wife would literally lock the bedroom door and put the key under her pillow or he would sneak out and go have sex with someone

Whenever I think about giving this former A list mostly television actor from a hit network show turned B+ list mostly movie actor a second chance, I remind myself of this story.

This happened awhile ago, but he has never changed.

He has always put sex before anything else.

I remember in his first marriage his wife would literally lock the bedroom door and put the key under her pillow or he would sneak out and go have sex with someone.

Anyway, fast forward out of that marriage and into another. Kids this time. Shortly after he had his first kid, our actor was doing some kind of made for tv movie.

This was when it was doubtful whether he could resurrect his career.

On the way to the set where they were filming, our actor had to drive past a community college.

Driving past one morning he sees this student and slows down in his very expensive car and says hi.

When she says hi in return he stops the car and starts chatting to her through the window.

Apparently he told her he was filming a movie and asked if she would like to come see it.

Now, remember his infant is in the back seat.

The student gets in the car and the flirting gets more intense.

It gets so intense that as soon as the car is parked at the set, the actor and this student head to his trailer and they have sex.

About 15-20 minutes go by and someone hears his baby screaming in the car.

The car is locked.

So, they go to the actor’s trailer and tell him what is going on.

Our actor has not opened the door.

He tells them to let the baby cry it out.

When they refuse, our actor starts screaming at them through the door before finally opening the door and throwing the keys at them.

He then tells them to leave him alone for the next hour.

About two hours later he emerges from the trailer with the student and tells someone to give her a ride back to her school.

He then goes to the craft service table and next to the table is his kid being rocked by some production assistant.

The actor looks at the assistant and tells her to keep watching the kid for a couple of hours because he needs a nap.

He then takes an apple and goes back to his trailer.

About 45 minutes after he goes to his trailer, he comes flying out of it at full speed and rushes over to his kid and grabs the kid and runs back to the trailer.

About five minutes after that, our actor’s wife comes and our actor makes a big deal of how he has been trying to shoot scenes but can’t get anything done because of the baby and he passes the baby back to his wife who drives away with the baby.

At that point our actor looks around until he finds the person who drove the student back to school.

Our actor asks if by any chance the driver got the phone number of the student.

The driver didn’t get it, but the actor said not to worry about it and there were plenty more.

He then went and got hair and makeup and went to work.

Will Arnett
First wife: Penelope Ann Miller (m. 1994–1995)
Second wife: Amy Poehler

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

Do you believe it?

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