Her first touch of fame was as a homewrecker.

It is not like this celebrity got off to a great start.

Her first touch of fame was as a homewrecker.

She loved being famous or infamous and wanted to stay in the limelight.

She has actually managed to pop up in the news a few times since for some of her other exploits.

What she does now though to earn a living is to have sex with guys for money.

She has no problems with them recording it. She has had a ton of surgery and is a constant user of drugs.

She thinks she has it all together but she really doesn’t.

People who knew her before and after say she never touched drugs before, loved her body and would never let guys film her and splash it all over the internet.

The crazy thing is this has all happened in just a few years. From normal to rock bottom.

Sydney Leathers
Anthony Weiner’s ex mistress

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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