I wonder if it is a thing to make the other guy jealous.
April 17, 2015
She finally told him she is 16 and he looked her up and down and said – Well, I’m not going to wait two years for you
April 17, 2015

Her bills mounting and no high paying work come in she has started escorting again

Back in October 2012, I wrote a blind item (it is below) about a teen actress who had been escorting for years and was pimped out by her mother.

Within about a year after I wrote the blind the actress stopped escorting and refused to be pushed by her mother into doing it any longer.

Our actress wanted to make it solely as an actress.

Until recently she kept her promise to herself and stopped.

That has all changed though.

Despite her early success as a tween actress, she now has trouble landing anything bigger than a guest spot on television shows and second or third lead on low budget movies.

A man who used to sleep with her frequently for money back in the day started asking her if she would consider escorting again.

He started talking to her more and more often and with her bills mounting and no high paying work come in she has started escorting again.

It is a much more dangerous game she is playing this time because the people she is sleeping with are all high ranking members of a Mexican cartel.

Now that she has involved herself with them, she is probably not going to be able to get out of her situation very easily and may even wind up dead just to avoid her revealing anything she may have picked up.


October2012 item:
This actress is C list. She made her fame on television including one of the most critically acclaimed shows of quite some time that failed to find an audience and also on a huge tweener show, although she has never been a “tweener.” Now she does only movies. She is almost legal. Really close in fact. She has always been managed by her mother. This actress can make herself look 12 and act like she is 30 or 12, depending on how much you pay her mom. In what could be the sickest thing I have heard of in a very long time, this mom sells out her daughter to older guys who want an experience with someone who can act 12. The mom is careful to make sure her daughter only has sex with the men in countries where it is legal Our actress is a very good actress. Very good. At her age she is already playing leads in movies. Indies to be sure, but leads.  Her mom recognized these skills very early on because the mom is a former escort and saw in her daughter something she never had, plus the fact that her daughter can command a very high price. From the time the actress was noticed at about age 14, the mom noticed that men in their 40’s and 50’s were captivated by her daughter and has taken advantage of age of consent laws around the world to make sure they never have to worry about another acting job. The daughter sees it as another role and has no problems with her mom taking a commission on the work. What was once a well kept secret among businessmen who had $50,000 a night or more to spend on this once in a lifetime perverted act, the daughter is actually speaking out about it a little because she does not see anything wrong with it. She says she loves doing it, is not hurting anyone and she really does think of it as another acting role. Crazy.


Sammi Hanratty
TV shows: The Unit, High School Musical: Get in the Picture, The Amazing Mrs. Novak

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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