He wants someone younger, pretty, smaller than him.

This handsome film actor has asked his publicist to find him a girlfriend in the next couple of months.

This probably won’t get done in time to promote his summer flick, but it will provide plenty of photo ops prior to his other film’s release in first quarter of 2016.

Nothing special about his requirements. He wants someone younger, pretty, smaller than him.

He would prefer an actress, and thinks that they should be famous enough to be recognized… but not super famous, or she might overshadow him.

(Actually, this sounds a lot like the TV actress who engaged in a fake relationship with him a couple of years ago!)

The gig is for six months, with an possible extension after the film’s release… which means that we will probably start seeing him with a new girlfriend before Thanksgiving!

Henry Cavill
Fake relationship: Kaley Cuoco

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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