He loves hookers like I love bacon.

Another newbie to the blind items today.

Never before has this A- list actor from a very hit pay cable show had the privilege of being in this spot or any blind.

If you are going to have a first it should be in the big blind of the day.

No beating around with the smaller ones.

Go big or go home I say.

Of course I generally say that when I’m half drunk in a bar.

It is also when you say something to that effect that the people wanting to sell you bottle service magically appear and when I magically disappear and go home to my regularly priced bottles.

Anyway, our actor is married.

He is out of town for work a lot. That show of his is all out of the country stuff.

A lot of parts of Europe and our actor has a list of women on call in several of the countries.

He loves hookers.

He loves hookers like I love bacon.

The thing is, he confides all of his extracurricular activities to outside the country.

He could never get away with what he does over here.

He couldn’t get away with it in the UK or most of western Europe.

He is far too well known and the tabloid offers would be too juicy.

This is why he loves loves that show and loves loves filming anywhere remote where he can get his hooker on.

If he is not shooting he is sleeping with someone.

He might be the loyal husband and dad at home but he is the complete opposite away from home.

An interesting thing though is he never drinks when he is with other women.

He drinks at home and he drinks with friends but never ever when he is with a woman he is paying.

I’m basing that on the two or three women I spoke to about him.

He definitely has some kink in him and there is nothing shy about his behavior.

It is a lot like his second most famous role.

I tend to think of another role as his most famous.

Depends on the crowd I guess.

Peter Dinklage
Game of Thrones, Elf, The Station Agent

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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