He is not vocal about it, but the vast majority of his friends are in Scientology.

There were a lot of fans who really liked a certain couple together.

She is a B+ list actress who is a multiple Golden Globe/Emmy nominee/winner.

Almost A list name recognition.

He is an A-/B+ list mostly movie actor.

Their romance kind of came out of nowhere and while the public approved, there were people behind the scenes who didn’t.

Our actor has a long history with Scientology.

He is not vocal about it, but the vast majority of his friends are in Scientology.

Our actor dating this particular actress was going to be a problem. A big problem.

Not that they wouldn’t want to land her as one of their own, but that was not going to happen.

Even if it could have happened, I’m not sure they would have taken her.

At first, there were tentative feelers put out.

She wanted nothing to do with any of them.


So, our actor broke everything off with all of his Scientology friends and focused on his actress girlfriend.

Things got serious in a hurry.


The thing is though, his family and friends wanted him back in the fold.

What to do?

They had not expected this engagement thing.

They thought it would be a fling and he would move on and come back to where he was supposed to be.

So, when they knew our actress would be out of town for several weeks, his old friends threw him a party.

A big party.

They also made sure to include about 20 really good looking women who were there to throw themselves at the actor.

It worked.

He took the bait.

He hooked up with one of the women and she stayed with him 24/7.

His “friends” made sure they posted photos of the happy couple to their social media.

The next thing you know, our actress and actor have split.

She throws his ring away.

She is devastated.

A couple of weeks go by and our actor calls the actress and wants to get back together.

They have dinner.

One thing leads to another and they get back together.

She insists he get rid of all the “friends” and they are gone.

Banished from his life.

For a few months everything is fine.

Then, our actor suddenly called it off with the actress.

He couldn’t handle the pressure from his “friends.”

The nonstop calls and texting.

And when he finally relented, they did not let him go.

Someone was with him 24/7.

They whisked him away for parties and fun and kept him occupied.

When he started filming a movie, someone stayed with him the whole time to just be there in case he bailed.

They did this for six months until they were sure everything between our actor and actress was really over.

Robin Wright
Ben Foster

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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