The fashion designer shares one product in common with the former rapper.
May 27, 2016
It was a coin toss that weekend and the PLL actress was on standby to take over.
May 27, 2016

He hides it unless he is having an outbreak.

This back in the day actor/mogul who thinks of himself as an icon likes to show the world that he is this amazing wonderful guy.

He really isn’t.

He has almost A+ list name recognition in lots of countries around the world.

The thing is though there was a time when he used to get naked and get into bed with his kids.

Yeah, that is not something he goes around sharing is it?

Oh, he also would insult his kids even worse than Alec to Ireland.

The actor has assaulted women in his life.

He has gone on drunken rages and then lost control of his bowel and bladders during the rages.

Oh, then of course there is the STD that never stops giving.

He has it and is not very open and honest about sharing that condition with his sexual partners.

In fact, he hides it unless he is having an outbreak.

David Hasselhoff


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