He has burned a lot of bridges with a lot of people who were trying to help

A first timer in the blinds today.

Two years ago, none of you knew his name and two years from now, everyone will probably be asking what happened to him.

He could have had it all.

I think some part of him wanted to succeed at his chosen profession, but most of him got caught up in the fame and the idea of a quick buck with little to no work.

Our celebrity is B+ list.

A year ago he was closer to A list and he definitely had a list name recognition. A whirlwind of publicity followed by A listers reaching out to him and wanting to have dinner with him or a drink went to his head.

All of that is just an illusion. It is fleeting.

He didn’t know that.

In order to keep any of that momentum going you need a great team and you need to stay on top of your game.

He didn’t have a great team.

They turned down the good and kept the bad and assumed offers would keep rolling in. Nope.

They dried up along with all of that attention he had received earlier.

The money was disappearing.

So, he tired to mount a comeback, but it was going to be too hard.

Too much drinking. Too much partying.

He was cheating on his significant other like crazy.

The significant other found out and has all kinds of juicy info.

The last chance was gone.

He threw it away to keep partying.

If he is lucky he might get a job doing something related to his field. Maybe.

He has burned a lot of bridges with a lot of people who were trying to help, but when he started star fucking he left them behind.

Michael Sam

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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