He finally admitted he preferred men. She said the next thing she knew he was engaged to another actress.

On the set of her latest movie, this foreign born B+/A- list mostly movie actress got drunk with some cast and crew and told some stories.

Some great stories.

Apparently she was perfectly willing to discuss every guy she slept with, including the married ones.

It started when one woman at the impromptu party shyly asked about one of the affairs and the actress just blurted out an honest answer.

From then on it was just rapid fire questions about this person and that.

From the notes two of them cobbled together, this is a summary.Foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor who used to be close to A+ had an affair with multiple people and has sex with as many women as possible.

He always wants to wear a vibrating cock ring.

He tells each women it is the first time and he just wants to try it. It is his go to.

Jude Law

One married former television actor she hooked up with was more interested in watching her have sex with other men and women than having sex with her.

As much hoopla surrounded them, they only had sex a couple of times.

Balthazar Getty

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor (in his long running franchise) A-/B+ otherwise had the smallest peen she has experienced and insisted on only having sex where he could watch himself in the mirror.

Daniel Craig

This intense B list mostly movie actor who had multiple chances to be A list in movies and finally is doing it in television once hit her for what he said was not paying enough attention to him in front of other people.

Josh Hartnett

She said this foreign born actor who went from A to D really quickly but will always have a name because of some of the movies he did never wanted to have sex.

They dated for six months and never went beyond kissing.

He finally admitted he preferred men.

She said the next thing she knew he was engaged to another actress.

Hayden Christensen (Rachel Bilson)

One guy she hooked up with but would not give a name.

She said that he had several girlfriends he was juggling and had them all installed in different apartments in a building that also had his kids and their mother in one of the units.

He couldn’t remember which apartment was unoccupied and took the actress to two with women inside them before he found the right one.

She said that was the worst she has ever felt.

Just a piece of meat.

Sean “P Diddy” Combs

ACTRESS: Sienna Miller

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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