She has been very vocal about loving your body but it didn’t stop her from getting some ridiculous looking lip fillers.
May 18, 2016
Because he kept things of people that I’m sure they were pay not to come out and it’s all for sale
May 18, 2016

He dumped the non-celeb and happily confirmed his new relationship on social media

This athlete and singer have produced a whole gaggle of good-looking kids.

One of them seems to have already mastered the art of spinning stories to maximize his own publicity.

The teen son was dating a local girl for the past year or so.

Nice girl, but not a celebrity.

He would tell her that since he is planning a career in show business, he frequently had to get photographed with young female celebrities – and that the press would make up stories about the girls – but that she shouldn’t worry about it, because it was all just for PR.

Well, she was had!

When he saw how much publicity he could get from being photographed with a certain pretty, young film actress, he dumped the non-celeb (right during prom season) and happily confirmed his new relationship on social media.

He told a friend:

I will NEVER go back to dating a [non-celebrity].

They just don’t get the kind of pressure I’m under.

Sounds like we can look forward to years of this scion working his way through the pool of young female celebrities!

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