He couldn’t figure out where the engagement rumor came from.

There is a definite pattern for this top film actor with the type of women he dates.

However, the last one came and went surprisingly fast.

Only a few months (although the breakup announcement was delayed until recently).

They usually last a lot longer than that.

Why was this one given the pink slip so fast?

Our actor can’t bear having anyone else in control – and has very clear guidelines in place as to how things progress – and she tried to outsmart him!

“He couldn’t figure out where the engagement rumor came from. He’s in charge of the relationship and the timing and an engagement definitely wasn’t on the table (especially since they had only been dating for a few months).

When he found out it that SHE was the one who started the rumor, he was pissed!

He broke up with her five minutes later.

She was crying and apologizing and begging for another chance, but he said no.”

She won’t be back.

And there are dozens of girls like her ready to take her place.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Kelly Rohrbach

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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