He cheated on her. She cheated on him and they shared the same women frequently.

Our actor is considered extremely good looking and wholesome with an edge of naughty.

The entire female population it seems has a crush on him.

He knows it.

He revels in it.

What he loves even more though is having his fame rejuvenated.

Our actor likes his women fairly young.

Legal, but no older than about 21 or 22.

He is single, so no issues there. He has not always been single. He was married once.He cheated on her.

She cheated on him and they shared the same women frequently.

What is getting him in trouble these days is that he has a passion for collecting.

His collection is a growing video library of the women he has had sex with. None with their permission.

Our actor, who likes to portray himself as wholesome, despite some past incidents that were dealt with aggressively by trashing the accusers did see a career downturn after his most recent indiscretion.

With his new project guaranteed to earn his way back in with the college crowd he is doing some scrambling because one of his overnight female guests kept hearing a whirring sound that our actor tried to play off as an air conditioner issue.

Instead though, it was a malfunctioning video camera and the female discovered it while threatening to call the police and suing the actor.

When the actor became threatening, the woman left but contacted a lawyer that night who sent a missive to our actor’s attorney the next morning advising the actor to not destroy the hard drive to the camera.

Since that time, the two sides have been negotiating and the woman is in line for mid six figures to keep quiet.

John Stamos
Ex-wife: Rebecca Romijn, now married to Jerry O’Connell
Career re-boot: Fuller House
His indiscretion: http://www.newser.com/story/95378/john-stamos-had-fling-with-17-year-old-lawyer.html

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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