He can show up at gay clubs and call it “research” now

Could it be that a certain pop stud has been exploring his less-than-angelic side?

While he couldn’t indulge in same-sex crushes during his previous incarnation, he’s far less miserable now that he can show up at gay clubs and call it “research” (we hear he likes his research rough). It’s one thing to cavort with male strippers overseas, but it’s pretty foolish to do so stateside – even at a private home.

Happily, his galpal ain’t the jealous type.

In fact, her only complaint is she’d really like to be able to wear high heels again. Be careful what you wish for….

Nick Jonas, Olivia Culpo
Plays a gay boxer in Kingdom

Source: http://www.billymasters.com/

Do you believe it?

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