For decades this child has been a secret to the general public.

When you talk about secrets, this former A+ list celebrity is the best at keeping them.

Hands down.

You and I can go back and forth about who is better, but this celebrity will win any argument.

She is the best I have ever seen.

She also shows the world that even A+ listers can keep everything quiet if they choose.

So, when you see some celebrity complaining they never get any privacy, just know they bring it on themselves. All you have to do is want your privacy bad enough to do it.

A celebrity like a Kardashian could never do it because their whole business model relies on being in the public eye and showing themselves multiple times a week to keep up audience interest.

Our former A+ lister had multiple talents and didn’t need to be in the public eye to make a fortune.

She would show up when needed, but for the most part, she could live her life the way she chose and still be an A+ lister.

Way back in the day when she was first becoming a secret expert she had a child.

For those of you who read blogs or devote a lot of time to gossip, you probably know, or at least have heard about this child.

For the vast majority of the population who only get their celebrity news from the glossy weekly tabloids, they have no clue.

For decades this child has been a secret to the general public.

The child, hidden away among all the other family members was allowed to live her life away from the spotlight.

The child grew up and now, is pregnant.

The pregnancy has been kept secret.

The family is almost as good as our celebrity about keeping secrets.

The father of the soon to be baby has received a very very large check to relinquish his parental rights and signed a lengthy non disclosure agreement.

Nothing will ever be heard from him again.

Ever. That is the way our former A+ lister handles things.

Money talks and people walk away.

In the not too distant future, our celebrity will come forth bearing this baby in her arms and declaring to the world that the baby is hers.

It is a way to perpetuate the secret.

It is also in a way, allowing the celebrity to raise a child in public which she did not do in the past.

Janet Jackson


Do you believe it?

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