October 24, 2013

The cause of her weight loss isn’t emotional distress

This actress has performed on stage, in films, and on television, but is best known for one role in an ongoing project. We’ve talked about her weight before. She started out at a normal body size, but has continually lost weight over the years. She just gets thinner and thinner, one gram at a time. Lots of media outlets are now chiming in about how her extreme weight loss is due to her emotional distress, calling her "painfully thin" and "bony" and "brave". Oh, please! She isn’t brave. She’s an actress! She is sticking to that fake storyline of having lost the love of her life. The relationship was manufactured in a publicist’s office.
October 23, 2013

It totally crushed one of his teenage dreams

This former A list celebrity who was A list because of a group he was in, was working with this washed up former B-/C+ list mostly television actress. The actress had been someone he always wanted to have sex with and even though she is married she agreed to have sex with our celebrity. Apparently they never got to the sex because she was all made up for the project they were on and she didn't want her hair or makeup messed up and her tan was also kind of wet. Plus he said that she reeked of the cigs she had been chain smoking all morning. It totally crushed one of his teenage dreams.
October 23, 2013

She didn’t believe in monogamy even if her husband did

This B list actor who does movies and television when not wanting to stare in the mirror to see just how good looking he is was being flirted with at a party the other night by a woman who was relentless. He noticed she was wearing a wedding ring and he asked about it and the woman pointed over to her husband who is a B- list mostly television actor who finally got a huge break and said that her husband didn't mind and she didn't believe in monogamy even if her husband did.
October 23, 2013

Nothing left but a few broken pieces of a dented mask

This washed up actor who used to be an A list mostly movie actor who was a heartthrob all over the world is still at B list but there was a decade long gap of C list to D list mediocrity in between. A few weeks ago he was wasted out of his mind and playing indoor baseball with a B list action star who is one of his many co-stars in a franchise and they used a BAFTA that our former A lister had won as the ball. It smashed. Nothing left but a few broken pieces of a dented mask.
October 22, 2013

Unhealthy for her and her new family

MediaTakeOut.com just spoke with a top L.A. celebs who told us that it is common knowledge that [FEMALE CELEBRITY] gets beat up routinely by her [SORTA-CELEBRITY HUSBAND]. The couple, who have a reality show together try and make it seem like they are they WORK SO WELL TOGETHER . . . but it's all a show. Our insider tells us that He is very self conscious about his looks, and the MORE FAMOUS his celebrity wife gets - the more ABUSIVE he becomes. We're also told that there was speculation that THE WIFE recently had surgery on her nose. Well it's because her husband BROKE HER NOSE during a fight. And the doctors had to have it surgically repaired. We really feel sorry for her. We hope and pray that she gets the strength to get out of the relationship, it's unhealthy for her and her new family.
October 22, 2013

He was spotted out this week with his sometime boyfriend

This B- list movie and television actor who would have no fame if not for a certain amazing show which made him who he is, was spotted out this week with his sometime boyfriend. The sometime aspect being all the time except when actually asked about whether our actor is gay. Although our actor was not overly affectionate with his sometime boyfriend, he did stop a woman who wanted to take a photo of the actor. Our actor stopped several people but was nice about it, which is out of character for him.
October 22, 2013

His reputation for liking no one but women who were actively hitting on him

This former A+ list mostly movie actor is a B lister now. He does still have A list name recognition. He is currently filming a movie and is not being the most cooperative actor. Apparently he does a lot of mediating which mostly involves him smoking bong after bong of pot. He also does a lot of yoga which mostly involves him getting massages from naked women. All of this has contributed to blown schedules and a lot of crew members who already hated the guy to begin with because of his reputation for liking no one but women who were actively hitting on him at all times. This will be revealed for sure. I hate this guy.
October 22, 2013

She is not known for taking things calmly

This Academy Award winning actress is going to be heartbroken when she discovers her boy toy is hooking up with someone who is his own age. He hasn't told the actress yet because she is not known for taking things calmly. No one wants to be on the receiving end of her tirades, especially if she has been wronged.