Big taped the phone call

They are outwardly nice to each other.

But the nastiness and power struggle between these two musicians is like something out of the TV show Empire!

Little Player and Big Player worked together for many years.

Then, after a fight over rehearsals/drugs/disrepect/loyalty (depending on who you ask), Little left Big. Well, Little eventually ran into some financial trouble.

With nowhere else to turn, Little came crawling back to Big for help.

Little got very emotional during the phone call, crying and begging Big for work.

Big taped the phone call.

And, seeing a chance to humiliate Little, played the recording for others. Ouch.

A furious Little retaliated with a song dissing Big.

Despite that very ugly chapter, the two eventually resolved their personal issues, and Little is now working with Big again.

Big recently rewarded Little with a VERY expensive gift that Little is now showing off all over town.

The one thing that neither Big nor Little will tell you?

Big didn’t plunk down a big pile of cash and actually give Little a gift.

It’s leased… and Big can take it back from Little any time.

Just another power play by Big.

Big: 50 Cent
Little: Young Buck


Do you believe it?

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