I don’t even know your name, which is why I won’t be dancing with you
May 9, 2016
He just looked bored and annoyed and sad the whole time.
May 9, 2016

At least one feud this daytime talk show host has is not real.

At least one feud this daytime talk show host has is not real.

She supposedly is feuding with this actress/former talk show host/reality star but it was just to drum up some publicity for the latter’s reality show.

Source: Mr. X via http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

Wendy Williams
Holly Robinson Peete
“Actress Holly Robinson Peete responded to Williams’ statements about her OWN reality series For Peete’s Sake. Peete has been very open about her family’s connection to autism, as one of her sons has been diagnosed with the condition.

During her show on Friday, Williams was speaking on recent reports that Victoria and David Beckham will be getting their own reality series. She said it might not work for them because the reality TV audience wants to see more drama and shenanigans than the Beckhams could bring to the small screen. She then referenced Peete and her family’s show and added, “Holly, Rodney, You know I love you Peetes. I tried but I got to tell you something. There’s no place on TV anywhere it seems for shows like this. The bar has been risen. Ms. Peete is 80 years old, she’s dating, she’s cute but nobody cares.””
Source: http://www.enstarz.com/articles/156108/20160426/wendy-williams-show-2016-this-actress-just-let-the-tv-talk-show-host-have-it-on-twitter-video.htm


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