A sad end to a great guy.

It is the sad fall of a man who was once an A+ list celebrity.

He still has A+ list name recognition, although with people under 25, it might be lower than that.

Our celebrity has always been deep in the closet.

Everyone knows he is gay, but somehow we never even bothered to ask him because we all just know.

When he would come on late night television, you were guaranteed a great 10 minute segment.

A few years back, he met a guy through a dating service.

The guy, is about a quarter the age of our celebrity. He says he met the guy through a dating site.

Most people believe he was found either through an escort site or a hookup site.

In any event, our celebrity fell in love.



The next thing you know, the boyfriend moved in and was spending vast sums of the celebrity’s money.

Vast sums.

Sometimes a hundred grand in a month.

The celebrity bought him multiple cars and a condo.

The condo was for when the boyfriend needed to “work.”

What it really was though was a place the guy would go with hookups he met at various bars.

The boyfriend started staying less and less at the home of the celebrity because of “work,” but still managed to use the credit cards the celebrity got for him to pay for every expense imaginable.

When the celebrity started questioning the $5000 nights out in clubs, the boyfriend said he was just entertaining clients.

Our celebrity was so in love with this guy that he just accepted the stories and cut a lot of people from his life who were trying to paint the real picture.

Then one day, the boyfriend told the celebrity that he was moving out.

Oh, and that he wanted $2M or he would sell his stories about the celebrity to the media.

Surprisingly enough, the celebrity paid the money.

I think he was hoping it would keep the boyfriend.


Since the day the boyfriend walked out, our celebrity has just been counting down the days until he dies.

He has no life in him any longer.

He never leaves the house and only rarely gets out of bed.

A sad end to a great guy.

Richard Simmons

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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