A little thing like marriage is not going to stop him from visiting other ports if you get

Apparently when your boss lets you know that he finds a woman attractive, then it is in your best interest to not let your boss catch you sleeping with the woman he finds attractive.

Here is the deal.

You have this former A list network reality star.

A+ list name recognition.

Seriously, your grandmother knows who this guy is.

No tabloid reading necessary.

Anyway, our former reality star has a bit of an ego problem.

OK, a big ego problem.

He likes surrounding himself with attractive women.

Our former reality star is married.

Now, a little thing like marriage is not going to stop him from visiting other ports if you get my drift.

It never has in the past.

Ever and he has been down the marriage road a few times.

Anyway, even if he is not planning on sleeping with someone who works for him, he might end up sleeping with them.

He likes to keep all his options open.

He also likes to consider himself the very top of the food chain.

So, if one of his lesser employees sleeps with a woman he has on standby or maybe in the future would sleep with, he thinks it makes him look bad.

They should only want to sleep with the boss and no one else.

He has a very clear rule.

Don’t sleep with any of the women that work for him if you also work for him.

They are off limits.

Even if he never has sex with them, he might and doesn’t want them to have had anyone else in the company other than him.



All of his top female employees are single and attractive just in case.

So, what happens when he finds out one of the women he is keeping on standby is having sex with someone he feels is his inferior?

He fires the guy.

Just out and out fires him and the guy knows why he was fired.

He crossed a no go.

The guy wanted the woman to come with him.

To leave the employ of our former reality star.

She said no.

She might get fired, but she is not going to quit.

What will happen with her is she will get pushed out.

In the eyes of the former reality star, she is damaged goods.

Yep, goods.

That is how he thinks of women who work for him.

It won’t be right away and he will probably get her another job, but because she dared have sex with someone other than the boss, she is gone.

Even if she never was going to have sex with the boss, he believes they should stay ready.

He thinks every woman lusts after him and they are simply waiting for him to point in their direction and they will come running.

She violated that.

Donald Trump – The Apprentice
Inferior: Corey Lewandowski (campaign manager)
Woman: Hope Hicks
Corey Lewandowski and Hope Hicks public screaming match

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

Do you believe it?

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