Don’t kid yourself if you think the casting couch does not exist.

Don’t kid yourself if you think the casting couch does not exist.

It is alive and well and never going anywhere.

That being said, it is rare that the casting couch of today runs to the extreme it did on this film currently being promoted.

It stars a foreign born A list mostly movie actor who had a decade run as an A+ lister. He had final casting say on all the women hired to play opposite him.

It’s unknown how many women he “auditioned” for the roles, but one of the actresses is speaking out about her experiences in the audition process and the actual filming of the movie.

She got a part in the movie. A decent sized one.

She is probably a B- list mostly movie actress who has been in some really big movies.

She is foreign born and had some high profile relationships with A listers, including at least one co-star.

She said it was made clear to her that if she wanted a part she would have to sleep with the star.

She did and got a part. She was told it was going to be the lead, but it was about fourth billed.

The lead actress role went to an actress who is well known, but not any higher on the list than the other actress.

Lets call her BO. BO also slept with our actor.

She continued to sleep with him during filming.

The actor also made all his other co-stars continue to sleep with him or the next day their scenes would be cut or deleted entirely.

Our star was more interested in making a movie that starred him anyway and if you would not cooperate then you would not be in it and some other actress who would have sex would get your lines.

It is probably because of this back and forth and additions and deletions that the movie is disjointed.

Each day of filming the star would tap one of the actresses and tell her she was up for that night.

There was no being coy. There was no dinner or romance.

They were expected to show up where our actor was staying and leave when the act was finished.

Russell Crowe – The Water Diviner
Lead actress BO: Olga Kurylenko
Foreign born B- list actress: Isabel Lucas


Do you believe it?

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