At this point, I’m still not crystal clear as to the why, but this movie studio paid this A- list actress several million dollars for a claim she brought against them for something employment related.

This actress has also been in superhero movies, but is probably going to be erased from her next one if it is even released.

Scarlett Johansson


Movie: Black Widow

Sep 30, 2021 – The Wall Street Journal reported that Creative Artists had privately asked Disney to pay Ms. Johansson $80 million — on top of her base salary of $20 million — to compensate for lost bonuses.

Why did Johansson sue Disney?

Oct 1, 2021 – Johansson sued Disney two months ago, accusing it of breaching her contract when it offered the movie on its Disney+ streaming service while it was still showing in cinemas. She said the decision meant that she was deprived of potential earnings. Details of the deal between Disney and Johansson have not been disclosed.

Did Black Widow make profit?

Aug 31, 2023 – Theaters get 50% of the spoils with studios receiving the remainder giving Disney $189.9 million from Black Widow. Combined with the online revenue, it comes to total takings of $314.9 million which left Disney with one of the lowest profits that any of its Marvel movies has ever generated.

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