19 Aug, 2018

2 blinds in a row

This A- list singer and her foreign born A-/B+ list actor boyfriend from an acting family might seem like they are trying to work things out between the two of them, and they very well might be. / She used to have zero bodyguards and no one bothered her. Now she has three bodyguards and has been asking for two more even though no one bothers her. No one cares about her other than paps she calls. This offspring will never want to go back to the life she had before.

7 Aug, 2018

It is not the first split. Maybe it won’t last, but for now it is a split.

A new album dropping and a new year long tour were just the last straw. Apparently this former A+ list tweener had been telling her long time on again off again actor significant other they could finally settle down. With this news, that would be pushed almost two years and our actor has not been willing to wait that long so they split.

17 Mar, 2017

The two women don’t know about each other.

Once again the buzz is that this tweener actress turned performance artist is married to the foreign born actor from an acting family. If they are, then he is cheating on her at least a couple of times a week with two women. Not at the same time. The two women don’t know about each other.

10 Feb, 2017

Now he isn’t showering or changing clothes much.

I think it has just been within the past couple of months that I wrote about the behavior of this actor. Mostly movie. Was in that eating franchise. Has not done much since. When last we wrote about the B lister he was out of control with his drinking. It actually has become worse. Now he isn’t showering or changing clothes much

11 Dec, 2016

The bigger issue right now has to do with geography.

The stories about this young actor/actress couple have been all over the board lately. One minute they are booking wedding venues… and the next they have broken up because he was flirting with a girl! The truth is not nearly as dramatic as the tabloid stories. They are still together, and still plan on getting married (from her perspective, the sooner the better!). He’s always been a flirt, but she keeps a very watchful eye over him, so there’s not a lot of room for him to cheat.

15 Jul, 2014

She doesn’t know about the gun owner

Now that this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor from a very hit franchise has had sex with this former A list tweener/gun owner he is willing to go back to this other former A list tweener who has been texting him constantly about trying to work things out. She doesn't know about the gun owner.

25 Dec, 2013

The best friend offers a much better chance for fame and success

This former B+ list actress solely due to her role in a franchise and is now a casting couch B- lister is playing with danger. Out in public she is dating one guy but behind the scenes is doing everything she can to hook up with the best friend of her guy. Our actress thinks the best friend offers a much better chance for fame and success than a "no namer" to "most scrambling" to always find his next job.